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Messages from the Mountains
Welcome to the Blue Ridge Highlander Library of Unique Places and Destinations in the Mountains. We hope you enjoy the stories we have created for your entertainment. Below is a photo and short description about each story, click the photo or title to go to the full story. New stories will continue to be added, so check back occassionally to enjoy the new additions.

Wonders of Chimney RockThe great towering column known as Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park is the centerpiece of a geological, botanical, wildlife habitat, purely existing as an educational stage under the open sky and by far one of the most inspirational playgrounds for folks of all ages.

Hiking, climbing, informative guided tours, group outings, nature studies, outdoor classrooms and exhibit houses, plus two gift shops and two restaurants will fill your day from dawn to dusk.... read on...

Mysteries of the Temple MountMrs. Highlander and I have made many journeys together to Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park and have found each visit to be exciting, informative and enlightening. The unusualness and geological wonders located at Chimney Rock State Park can set the imagination into pondering the physical shaping of our world. To stand in full view of this uniquely formed mountain site is like witnessing the remains of great structure of unknown origins, worn and deteriorated by the expanse of time yet strong and resilient like the ancient temples of old.

Unlike Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids, Chimney Rock is a reminder of not what man has built, but what nature has shaped with its firm and patient hand, both smoothing and sharply cutting its surface for nearly 535-million on... 

Great Woodland AdventureThough the giant trees of Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park do remain at present time under the solitude and protection of the North Carolina State Park service, there is a special forest set-aside just for you at Chimney Rock, along the upper end of The Meadows.  Below the eastern end of the towering mountain is a trailhead that leads into an enchanted forest much like the "Old-Growth Forest" at Chimney Rock, though considerably younger as history goes. One of the more special features of this enchanted forest is that it contains some of the many future “Elders” of Chimney Rock’s "Old-Growth Forest." on...

The Wonders of Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State ParkThey stand tall in stillness and silence at the very edge of dawn anticipating a call to service that awakens them each day. The small delicate winged inhabitants residing within their sturdy and spacious limbs begin to sing their morning songs just before the first light of day. Their voices blend in unison resounding as if they were part of a wilderness choir held within a cathedral forest of giant trees, all the while fluttering about in excitement and reverence of a new rising sun.

The giant elder trees of this forest have stood here for centuries facing the east eagerly awaiting the summons of the glory they have known since they were saplings upon the forest one...

Blue Ridge Parway 75th AnniversaryThe magnificent Blue Ridge Parkway is considered to be the world’s first recreational highway as well as an official National Park within itself.  Located in the mountainous regions of North Carolina and Virginia, this renowned scenic byway is celebrating its 75th anniversary on September 11, 2010. The event will take place commemorating its first 12-miles of construction at Cumberland Knob Recreation Area in North Carolina just south of the Virginia state line. read on...

Great Smoky Mountain 75th AnniversaryIt takes a trained, skilled eye to know when they have found a "diamond in the rough," or any other gemstone for that matter. To bring out the true beauty of a rough stone it must be fashioned through a process of tumbling to smooth the stone, then it is precisely cut and polished into an object of beauty, a prized possession.

Such was the challenge when the first National Park in the eastern United States was strongly proposed at the turn of the 20th century. Amongst the vast eastern landscapes of wilderness forest lands, began a quest to find that one truly unique tract of natural "beauty in the rough" that could be fashion into a great outdoor gemstone for all to enjoy, a symbolic national treasure adorning a young nation that was growing quickly and prospering abundantly. read on....

Giants of the Forest

Giants of the Forest.....Scraping the sky beyond the mountains they grace, stand the giants of the old growth forest. Pressing upward, they pursue their life’s goal, to live beyond the common practice of time always reaching towards the sky. Obsessively they chase the cycle of seasons, round and round until their internal structure displays an intricate circle of rings. Rings similar to the working order of a great clock, preserving and telling its story along the way.   read on.....

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest - Slickrock Wilderness AreaJoyce Kilmer Memorial Forest......Located just 15 miles from Robbinsville, in Graham County North Carolina, tucked away deep in the Nantahala National Forest and partly in eastern Tennessee, is a rare living national treasure. An ancient, old growth forest of giant trees, untouched by the logging saw. A sanctuary protected and preserved under the Wilderness Act for the enjoyment and the posterity of a people and a great nation..... read on....

Christmas at the Front
The Christmas program at Fort Loudoun offers us a vintage look at “Christmas Past.” A view of a more simple and humble time for those isolated far from home and country. No light shows, no fancy decorations, no grand hoop-la just the Spirit of a sacred time, a time of giving and reflection.

Living history makes Fort Loudoun not only a unique historical stage but also an educational theater concerning the lifestyles of Early Americans.

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