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The best way to know what the Highlander is all about is to read what our fans think about our work.
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This is an Amazing website! I was not looking forward to researching all the small towns in this area as we typically travel on the fly, but your website has made my research easy to do. So well organized, easy to navigate and the photographs are beautiful. I can not believe I was able to find so much information for such large rural area. Thanks you so much. We are looking forward to our visit in October.


This website is by far the best I have come across for information, I have traveled the world and never come across such a well planned site, uncomplicated and straight to the point. Thank you, it makes searching a pleasure here.

Dianne Reichert, Forfar, Angus, Scotland

One of the first things I did when I moved to East Tennessee was to search the web for mountain adventures and scenic road trips. Up popped the Blue Ridge Highlander and ever since I have made it one of my primary regional bookmarks.

There are many places to explore in the Smokies and also in Appalachia in general but how to know what’s worth the effort and what isn’t? I have come to trust the advisories from the Highlander about mountain destinations, the arts, even restaurants and dining. But most of all, because I am a long-time Miata owner, I absolutely relish their extensive and well-researched articles about scenic road trips.

The Highlander combines thoughtful prose with outstanding photographs about places as diverse as the North Georgia Mountains, Western North Carolina, UPCountry South Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains, and even the Tennessee River Valley.

Just when I think I have run out of interesting places to explore I get an email reminder from the Highlander about several more locations that I haven’t even thought of yet.

Since I am also a professional photographer, the Highlander advisories are even more important to me because I know they have done the research and have visited and thoroughly documented the areas that they recommend. This kind of information is hard to come by and I appreciate it greatly on many levels. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph, Photojournalist

I’m Interested in your tours. My Husband is the Director of Parks, Recreation, Library, Lakes, Ampitheater, Tennis Center (All Leisure Services). We have a 13 year-old son who loves adventures and we believe going to the mountains would be very educational and memorable. We’d rather donate to your cause and not 6 flags!

Ellen Gaddo

Just a note to let you know what your online magazine has meant to me. Most recently from Florida, two years ago dear friends of ours sold their Florida home and headed to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Myself, a small town Massachusetts girl originally and then a resident of Florida for eight years, I missed terribly the topography of the Northeast, the change of seasons, and as unbelievable as it may sound “snow.”

My girlfriend would continually call and invite me up, telling me how great it was in the mountains and that I could enjoy all that again and more. I eventually came, but between the time I committed and the time I left I found you through google as I perused local organic gardeners and real estate listings daydreaming about possibilities. Within moments I was all over your site looking at information on real estate, restaurants, local farmer’s markets, local events, folklore, local builders, summer camps, natural parks and my favorite, fabulous tips on successful organic mountain gardening from a little girl who I have come to understand is your granddaughter. I fell in love with the area through the representation of your online magazine, the Blue Ridge Highlander.

My friend was totally amazed that I knew exactly where I wanted to go when I arrived and seemed to know more about the area then she did. As a seasonal whole foods cook who just made Hayesville her second home I want to thank you for making my ability to explore local resources easily and weave myself into the local fabric as effortless as stepping into a pair of warm and familiar comfortable old shoes.

Kara Mejia

Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains
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