Blue Ridge Parkway, Western North Carolina Scenic Drive
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Autumn on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Autumn Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

As with the Hierarchy of Nobility, the crest of the ridge tops along the Blue Ridge Parkway are among the first to receive the colors on their regal crowns in the high country of the Blue Ridge Smoky Mountains.  Studded with jewels of crimson reds, deep purples, flaming oranges and golden yellows, they grace the skyline as the first signs of autumn swiftly descend their royal robes along the slopes of the majestic mountain ranges.  Vying for attention, the various hardwoods of the mountain forest press forward within its given place, presenting and bestowing upon us the most beautiful colors of the fall season.

The pride of the mountains, the climatic expression of a long journeys end cries out for companionship and recognition from the lovers of the high country forest.  Their silent voice longs to welcome those who appreciate the beauty of nature’s artistic hand lying peacefully still as it is subjected to the broad-brush strokes of color from the creator's palate upon a canvas laced with high mountain peaks. Bold colors drip down the mountain slopes and flow into the deep valleys below as the cascading rivers and waterway slowly wash way the colored stained leaves. 

The harvest has finally arrived, yours for the picking, all for the pleasure of your eyes.  Produced by the mystery of transformation that defies understanding, the colors sing out as if to say we have finally arrived.  Join us in our celebration, explore the wonders of our creation, partake in our mystery and be filled with the abundance of all that is natural and good.  The mountains long to see you and to embrace you under the warmth of their autumn sun, to stand beside you and know you are as much a part of them as they are a part of you. 

We are subjects of the divine, servants and recipients of His loving design, children of the high mountain forest, heirs to its beauty, grateful for its many treasures.


Our nation, a land of the free, has made it possible for us to enjoy this most precious gift we know as the Blue Ridge Parkway, the autumn colors await your arrival, the cycle of life once again has completed its journey.

the Highlander

Blue Ridge Parkway in the Fall

Although very enjoyable, the mountains can be a driving challenge to a flatlander (no offense), to help you with your new venture, take a look at our driving tips.

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